Photographs from Punta del Este, Uruguay

After a nice breakfast and a long morning walk through the city here in Montevideo, Kathryn and I are having a bit of a siesta in preparation for what will likely be an enormous steak lunch. That gives me time to post several leftover photos from Punta del Este. Just a few blocks from our… Continue reading Photographs from Punta del Este, Uruguay

Value-added tax refund scheme for foreigners in Uruguay

Now that we're back in Uruguay for the last few days of our South America trip, I thought I'd share an interesting value-added tax scheme being used to promote tourism in Uruguay. Apparently, if you dine at a restaurant in Uruguay and pay with a non-Uruguayan credit or debit card, the value-added tax¬†or VAT-- which… Continue reading Value-added tax refund scheme for foreigners in Uruguay

A rainy day in Punta del Este, Uruguay

The weather didn't look promising when we woke up this morning in Punta del Este, Uruguay. It deteriorated from there. As the day progressed, sprinkles became drizzle became steady rain. While it was still in the drizzle stage, we drove a few miles up the coast on the river side of Punta del Este. The… Continue reading A rainy day in Punta del Este, Uruguay