My customary airport rant has been canceled for lack of outrage

This is the point in my travels where I usually go on a rant about the TSA. Today, I can't. Every TSA agent I interacted with today was pleasant, courteous, and professional. I've heard and read a number of horror stories about checking in firearms at the airport, concerning both the airlines and TSA. This… Continue reading My customary airport rant has been canceled for lack of outrage

The long journey home from Montpellier is underway

After fifteen days in Montpellier, France, our long journey home to Phoenix is underway. The upside of getting an early start is not having to rush. The downside is a lot of time spent waiting. We unwittingly arrived at the airport an hour before check-in was scheduled to begin for our flight to Paris. We… Continue reading The long journey home from Montpellier is underway

Cookies and our breaking points

If you're reading this, we've safely landed in Detroit. I've never been to this airport before, but I hear it's nice. I'll report back when I've had a chance to look around. In the past, I've had a difficult time sleeping on airplanes. However, on the flight from Phoenix, I was asleep before we pushed… Continue reading Cookies and our breaking points

It’s five o’clock somewhere

In fact, it's already well after seven o'clock in Montpellier. Is it too early to reset my watch? The last time we were at Terminal 3 at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport was the last time we flew to Montpellier, about 30 months ago. They were in the middle of extensive renovations then, and today we're… Continue reading It’s five o’clock somewhere

Pilgrimage underway

Our pilgrimage is now officially underway. We're at Sky Harbor in Phoenix, waiting for our flight to Mexico City. We've passed through the TSA checkpoint, and to give credit where due, everyone working there was in relatively good spirits this morning. We took advantage of a relatively inexpensive upgrade, so now we're enjoying our wait… Continue reading Pilgrimage underway

Patiently mingling with the unwashed masses in Miami

We're at Miami International Airport, waiting for our flight back to Phoenix. What a shithole. For once, TSA wasn't the problem at the security checkpoint; it was totally clueless passengers. I mean, signs were posted in nine languages, and it seems like half of traveling public here can't read any of them. Ugh. On the… Continue reading Patiently mingling with the unwashed masses in Miami

TSA: one’s dignity is a small price to pay for fascism

Our trip to Uruguay is officially underway. We've passed the TSA checkpoint, which for me is the most stressful part of air travel. Like a woman who stands by an abusive boyfriend, I've learned that if I'm submissive enough, the high school dropout working the body scanner will let me go without molesting my genitals.… Continue reading TSA: one’s dignity is a small price to pay for fascism