Follow-up on the Fediverse … and a travel experiment

Since my post last week about federated social networking, I'm aware of only one reader who was inspired to create an account in the Fediverse: my mom 😀. For those of you who are close family or in-real-life friends of mine, my offer to hook you up on my own Mastodon server still stands. Just… Continue reading Follow-up on the Fediverse … and a travel experiment

Getting started with federated social networking

Over the last month or so, I've been diving into the world of federated social networking. It occurred to me, maybe a few readers here would be curious what federated social networking is, how it differs from centralized social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and how to get started using it. The inspiration… Continue reading Getting started with federated social networking

For some reason, I created another Instagram account

With the exception of this blog, I'm generally not much into social media. I've had Facebook and Twitter accounts in the past, but I deleted them years ago. Honestly, I can't say I miss them. On the contrary, every time a family member tells me about some drama unfolding on Facebook, I'm genuinely happy to… Continue reading For some reason, I created another Instagram account