Three weeks ago, everything went sideways

Three weeks ago, on Tuesday around 10 am, my mobile phone rang. It was Kathryn. She was crying. She could barely talk. Kathryn had been suffering with lower back pain for some time. Recently, the usual quick fixes -- chiropractics, steroid injections, etc. -- weren't bringing her much relief. She'd already been out of work… Continue reading Three weeks ago, everything went sideways

Suggestions for naming Signal groups

Signal Private Messenger logo

For roughly two years, I've been using Signal Private Messenger to exchange encrypted text messages with my family and some of my close friends. Earlier this week, my dad got a new phone and, at the same time, a new phone number. Adding his new number into several Signal groups revealed some shortcomings in the arbitrary names of… Continue reading Suggestions for naming Signal groups

Interrupting over four months of blog silence

I'm interrupting over four months of blog silence to announce two things: First, I had to transition to a backup phone this morning, meaning my Signal database has a new set of keys. I posted a page with an image of my Signal public key if you'd like to use it for verification. Second, Kathryn… Continue reading Interrupting over four months of blog silence

Install Signal on your smartphone now!

Are you using an iPhone or an Android-based smartphone? Have you installed Signal yet? If not, please stop what you're doing and install it now! iPhone Android Why Signal? I owe a debt of gratitude to my good friend Dan for bringing Signal to my attention last year. Actually, he told me about its predecessors… Continue reading Install Signal on your smartphone now!