Platform of the train station, Sète, France, on a hazy afternoon

Platform, train station, Sète, France

I snapped this photo from the platform of the train station in Sète last fall, as Kathryn and I waited for our ride back to Montpellier. It was a sunny and somewhat hazy afternoon; converting the photo to black-and-white made it look a bit less washed out. There's nothing particularly distinctive about this platform or… Continue reading Platform of the train station, Sète, France, on a hazy afternoon

Roulez tout doux!

We spotted this rather unusual road sign while walking through a quiet neighborhood in Sète, France. The translation in English is roughly, "Think of us, drive very gently!" However, in French there's a lovely rhyme of three words that's entirely lacking in my translation.

Enjoying the view from the top of Mont Saint-Clair, Sète

Kathryn and I made a spontaneous afternoon trip to Sète yesterday, during which we climbed Mont Saint-Clair by foot. I don't usually use the panoramic mode on my mobile phone camera, but this seemed like a good time to break that habit. The view from about halfway up, looking over the Mediterranean Sea: The view… Continue reading Enjoying the view from the top of Mont Saint-Clair, Sète

Letter from Stuttgart

It's early afternoon, Monday, October 4, and I'm starting this letter in the train station at Karlsruhe, Germany. I came here from Baden-Baden this morning, where I spent the weekend recovering from two weeks of getting up early for class, spending many afternoons at the beach, and staying up too late almost every night. In… Continue reading Letter from Stuttgart