Old City Hall, an architectural landmark in Richmond, Virginia

I've reduced my social media footprint considerably over the past several years, but I do occasionally post photos onĀ Instagram. It makes my wife happy, for some reason. Most photos I post on Instagram have already been published here on this blog, but once in a while I find an exception. For example, this morning I… Continue reading Old City Hall, an architectural landmark in Richmond, Virginia

Marquee above the Byrd Theatre in the evening

We arrived rather early to our first film at the French Film Festival in Richmond, so we were able to get a photo of the marquee at the Byrd Theatre without a crowd in front of it. The pylons were in place to reserve parking for the shuttle bus carrying the delegation of French filmmakers… Continue reading Marquee above the Byrd Theatre in the evening

Coffee roasting infusion

Most likely our last stop before the airport, we're at Shockoe Espresso & Roastery solely because they're roasting beans right now and clouds of delicious-smelling coffee smoke are wafting through the neighborhood. Kathryn is inside buying a half-pound to take home with us. Whoever sits next to us on our flights will be in for… Continue reading Coffee roasting infusion