Photographs from Punta del Este, Uruguay

After a nice breakfast and a long morning walk through the city here in Montevideo, Kathryn and I are having a bit of a siesta in preparation for what will likely be an enormous steak lunch. That gives me time to post several leftover photos from Punta del Este. Just a few blocks from our… Continue reading Photographs from Punta del Este, Uruguay

Photographs from yesterday in Buenos Aires, Argentina

As was the case in Montevideo, we discovered quickly two nights was not enough, so we've extended our stay in Buenos Aires through tomorrow. However, we woke up this morning to steady rain, so a long walk like yesterday is not likely. We've decided to take in one or more of the city's hundreds of… Continue reading Photographs from yesterday in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Mexican border formalities, San Luis and Los Algodones

If you search the internet for the immigration procedures a U.S. citizen needs to follow when driving to Mexico, you'll find many different answers. Most of them are outdated. Some of them apply in certain cases and not in others. Few of them are authoritative. One common answer is that you don't need a so-called "tourist… Continue reading Mexican border formalities, San Luis and Los Algodones

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin at Chartres

During our week in Paris, we were able to work in a day trip to Chartres, where we visited the famous Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres. The trip produced what is probably my favorite photo of the week, so rather than waiting to do a full write-up on the visit, I'm just going to post the photo now.

Once in a lifetime, alone in the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles

If you've ever been to the Palace of Versailles, you know what a tourist attraction it is. If you've never been, take my word for it. Even on a cloudy, drizzly winter day like yesterday, when the park and gardens were closed and only the palace itself was open to the public, there were dozens of tour buses parked in front of the palace. Getting a photo without other people in it is nearly impossible. So it was somewhat remarkable that, for a few brief moments, Kathryn and I ended up in the Hall of Mirrors, the highlight of the tour, by ourselves.