It’s five o’clock somewhere

In fact, it's already well after seven o'clock in Montpellier. Is it too early to reset my watch? The last time we were at Terminal 3 at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport was the last time we flew to Montpellier, about 30 months ago. They were in the middle of extensive renovations then, and today we're… Continue reading It’s five o’clock somewhere

Bags packed, ready to go

Kathryn and I were up and at 'em early this morning to start our long trip from Phoenix to Montpellier, although compared to our normal weekday schedules, it was like we slept in. Even after a couple leisurely cups of coffee, we finished our last minute chores way ahead of schedule. We'll leave for the… Continue reading Bags packed, ready to go

Saying goodbye and good riddance to tooth number 14

Two weeks ago, I arrived bright and early at my dentist's office for what was supposed to be a routine crown replacement on tooth number 14. It didn't go quite as planned. In a mouth full of otherwise relatively healthy teeth, tooth number 14, a molar on the upper left side, has been nothing but… Continue reading Saying goodbye and good riddance to tooth number 14

Memento, homo, quia pulvis es, et in púlverem revertéris

Today is Ash Wednesday. It falls relatively late this year, March 6, as Easter will not arrive until April 21 for those of us in the Western churches. For me, Ash Wednesday also means it's time for a rare selfie. This one is quite a disappointment compared to last year's. Even after a lot of… Continue reading Memento, homo, quia pulvis es, et in púlverem revertéris

The maiden voyage of my parents’ new motor home, Eloy, Arizona

The maiden voyage of my parents' new motor home last weekend was a smashing success, even though everything seemed to be working against us, at least at first. Friday was a miserable day weather-wise, at least by Arizona standards. Cold and wet are not two words one often uses to describe the weather in this… Continue reading The maiden voyage of my parents’ new motor home, Eloy, Arizona

And now for something completely different

For the past several months, Kathryn and I have had bad luck picking weekends to go camping. In October, we had to cut short a camping trip because of wet weather. Over New Year's Eve, we had to cancel another trip altogether because of the cold, so we went to Kentucky instead. This weekend, our… Continue reading And now for something completely different