After the ferry from Uruguay, first morning in Buenos Aires

We've just finished a long breakfast at our hotel in Buenos Aires. The ferry from Colonia del Sacramento was a much smaller vessel than I expected. Luckily I didn't get seasick; I've had issues in the past, though usually on slower moving boats. The arrival at the port yesterday afternoon was a bit aggravating. Buenos… Continue reading After the ferry from Uruguay, first morning in Buenos Aires

Golden Nugget, Las Vegas

On our last trip to Las Vegas, we decided to stay on Fremont Street for the first time. After exploring our options, we chose Golden Nugget, which is sometimes described as the most Strip-like hotel in the Downtown area. Whether you'd agree depends, I suppose, on what you like or don't like about the Strip. The… Continue reading Golden Nugget, Las Vegas

An afternoon of anticipation walking around Paris

Anticipation was the key word of the afternoon. After waiting for over an hour at Angelina's, I realized that I either had the wrong place or Kirsten was not coming. I decided therefore to find her hotel, Hôtel MacMahon, suspecting that she might eventually end up there. To find the hotel I bought a good… Continue reading An afternoon of anticipation walking around Paris

Early morning arrival at Charles de Gaulle, Paris

I arrived in Paris early this morning at Charles de Gaulle airport to find a temperature in the low 70's, drizzling rain, and overcast skies. Passport control would have been a snap, but I filled out my tourist card with the point of disembarkation rather than the point of embarkation. Two of my biggest fears… Continue reading Early morning arrival at Charles de Gaulle, Paris