If you’ve ever struggled with the gender of French nouns, take heart!

Last Saturday around midday, Kathryn and I were at the zoo here in Montpellier, and we found ourselves looking at the giraffes next to a French couple and their young children. I overheard the father saying to his children, "Les girafes sont beaux!" As soon as the words finished leaving his mouth, the mother corrected… Continue reading If you’ve ever struggled with the gender of French nouns, take heart!

Foreign sources, redux

A couple years ago, I wrote a lengthy blog post challenging my family, friends, and followers to seek out reputable foreign news sources in languages other than English. After yesterday's circus in Washington, I think it's more important than ever to repeat my challenge, especially since I haven't seen any English-language coverage of the spectacle… Continue reading Foreign sources, redux

First day of class at French school in Montpellier

Kathryn and I arrived a few minutes early our first day of classes. This is the view from the patio where many of us gather during the morning breaks. The street below the patio is Rue St. Guilhem, a busy shopping area with limited access to motor vehicles. Guilhem is the word for William in… Continue reading First day of class at French school in Montpellier

Regional words and fat Frenchmen

It turns out that Angelina, the venerable tea room on rue de Rivoli in Paris, has an outpost at the Palace of Versailles. Kathryn and I found ourselves there earlier today, enjoying a snack of chocolat chaud africain before finishing our tour of the museum. We were in the tea room all alone -- more on why we were alone in a future post -- and we had just ordered. As usual, Kathryn let me do the ordering. I think she likes to hear me speak French, even though my French sucks.