Phoenix Sky Harbor is a great airport, especially if you’re hungry

On the way to the airport this afternoon, Kathryn, swelling with pride in the place she's called home for over 25 years, told me what a great airport Phoenix Sky Harbor has become. I really found it hard to disagree with her. One of the reasons I was comfortable arriving so early for my flight… Continue reading Phoenix Sky Harbor is a great airport, especially if you’re hungry

Food photos from our recent trip to Montpellier

One of the pleasures of traveling, for me at least, is to eat foods I normally wouldn't eat at home. Since we had an apartment for this recent trip to Montpellier, this included some meals we prepared on our own, as well as some French fast food we brought back to our apartment to enjoy.… Continue reading Food photos from our recent trip to Montpellier

In Paris, waiting for our flight to Montpellier

I planned to write a brief status update as we took our seats on the flight from Detroit to Paris, but somehow we ended up in an AT&T dead zone, so I had no access to the internet. The flight was uneventful, other than a bit of turbulence leaving Detroit. Kathryn and I both got… Continue reading In Paris, waiting for our flight to Montpellier

Cookies and our breaking points

If you're reading this, we've safely landed in Detroit. I've never been to this airport before, but I hear it's nice. I'll report back when I've had a chance to look around. In the past, I've had a difficult time sleeping on airplanes. However, on the flight from Phoenix, I was asleep before we pushed… Continue reading Cookies and our breaking points

It’s five o’clock somewhere

In fact, it's already well after seven o'clock in Montpellier. Is it too early to reset my watch? The last time we were at Terminal 3 at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport was the last time we flew to Montpellier, about 30 months ago. They were in the middle of extensive renovations then, and today we're… Continue reading It’s five o’clock somewhere

Carrying 21 pounds less baggage

A year ago, almost to the day, my life changed. I woke up, as usual, I went to the bathroom, as usual, and I weighed myself, as usual. I was disappointed, as usual, with the number staring back at me. I was unhappy, as usual, with the figure I saw in the mirror. For some… Continue reading Carrying 21 pounds less baggage