Starting the trip off right, sort of, with donuts and coffee

In some sense, our four-day weekend to Kentucky has already begun. We've left the house, but we both still have to put in a half-day at work. Since I can literally see Sky Harbor Airport from my cubicle -- if I'm standing up, that is -- it doesn't make much sense to return home before… Continue reading Starting the trip off right, sort of, with donuts and coffee

Donuts in Phoenix before heading out of town this afternoon

I haven't yet finished posting photos and stories about the pilgrimage to Mexico City, but I'm going to set them aside for a few days while Kathryn and I take a 72-hour road trip to Las Vegas. Some of you may notice that's slightly longer than we typically spend in Vegas. We're taking a class… Continue reading Donuts in Phoenix before heading out of town this afternoon

Last day in Las Vegas

It turns out I didn't get the sunrise photos I wanted on our last day in Las Vegas. It was raining when the sun came up and still raining when we left the hotel, although the rain let up early in the morning. We did find a decent donut shop, found a beautiful Sunday Mass, and had lunch with our friend Kerrie, with whom we couldn't connect Friday evening.

Eating and relaxing in Las Vegas

Our weekend trips to Las Vegas tend to be busy. We usually cram everything we possibly can into the less-than-48 hours we'll be here. Sleep comes only out of necessity. So it's a little weird that I'm starting a new post at 6:20 am, after getting a full night's sleep and then some. I think we were in bed by 9 pm. That's pretty lame.