Value-added tax refund scheme for foreigners in Uruguay

Now that we're back in Uruguay for the last few days of our South America trip, I thought I'd share an interesting value-added tax scheme being used to promote tourism in Uruguay. Apparently, if you dine at a restaurant in Uruguay and pay with a non-Uruguayan credit or debit card, the value-added tax¬†or VAT-- which… Continue reading Value-added tax refund scheme for foreigners in Uruguay

False start: Who needs money?

I don't remember how, why, or when, but at some point, the conversation turned to debit and credit cards. I mentioned how I'd just learned our debit cards, like our American Express cards, had different numbers on them, so if I lost my card, we could report it lost and continue to use Kathryn's, or vice versa. At this point, Kathryn announced she hadn't brought her debit card.