Fortune Garden, Chinese restaurant in El Centro

Our lunch several Saturdays ago at Fortune Garden, a Chinese restaurant in El Centro, California, was something of a happy accident. Dan, Kathryn, and I left Yuma around 11 am with every intention of driving to Calexico, parking, and walking across the border to a Chinese restaurant a few hundred yards away in Mexicali. However,… Continue reading Fortune Garden, Chinese restaurant in El Centro

More Chinese food in Mexicali at Restaurante Dragon

Mexicali, Restaurante Dragon, appetizer of carnitas coloradas

We couldn't miss a chance for more Chinese food during our trip to Mexicali over Thanksgiving weekend. Our baseball game Saturday night and our early departure Sunday morning left us only one chance, at lunchtime Saturday. We were staying at Hotel Araiza on Boulevard Bénito Juárez, so we chose Restaurante Dragon, which was just a… Continue reading More Chinese food in Mexicali at Restaurante Dragon

Why Mexicali?

While we were eating lunch last Sunday, Kathryn caught me off guard by asking how I learned about the Cantonese restaurants in Mexicali. She had been looking at her Instagram account and was prompted by a comment she received on a photo of the previous day's lunch. The commenter apparently felt eating Chinese food in Mexico was a sketchy undertaking.… Continue reading Why Mexicali?

Restaurante China House, Mexicali

One last meal in Mexicali before we head home. Again we ordered way too much food. The server spoke a little English and asked me twice if we were taking the leftovers. The first time I simply said no. The second time I tried to explain we were about to make a border crossing, and… Continue reading Restaurante China House, Mexicali