Riding without tickets in Buenos Aires

In my post from earlier today, I mentioned how getting from Parque 3 de Febrero to the Basilica of the Most Holy Sacrament was a story in itself. While in the park, we had reached a point where we weren't excited about retracing the entire day's steps and then continuing on in the other direction.… Continue reading Riding without tickets in Buenos Aires

Photographs from yesterday in Buenos Aires, Argentina

As was the case in Montevideo, we discovered quickly two nights was not enough, so we've extended our stay in Buenos Aires through tomorrow. However, we woke up this morning to steady rain, so a long walk like yesterday is not likely. We've decided to take in one or more of the city's hundreds of… Continue reading Photographs from yesterday in Buenos Aires, Argentina

After the ferry from Uruguay, first morning in Buenos Aires

We've just finished a long breakfast at our hotel in Buenos Aires. The ferry from Colonia del Sacramento was a much smaller vessel than I expected. Luckily I didn't get seasick; I've had issues in the past, though usually on slower moving boats. The arrival at the port yesterday afternoon was a bit aggravating. Buenos… Continue reading After the ferry from Uruguay, first morning in Buenos Aires