3:10 to Yuma: Does someone at American Airlines have a sense of humor?

I just got a text from a friend who’s waiting for a connecting flight at Sky Harbor Airport here in Phoenix. The flight he’s waiting for is — I’m not kidding — the 3:10 to Yuma.

Even though I’ve never read the short story nor seen either of the film adaptions, the reference wasn’t lost on me. It seems someone at American Airlines might have a sense of humor.

Furthermore, in case you’re tempted to think the 3:10 departure time to Yuma is merely a coincidence, they went ahead and numbered the flight 3100 too. Since American Eagle flights typically have four digits in their numbers, I’ll just assume 310 wasn’t an option.

4 thoughts on “3:10 to Yuma: Does someone at American Airlines have a sense of humor?”

  1. Nice play on words there by the airline! I looked up the distance between the two cities, seems it’s only around 185 miles. Driving would be much more cost effective wouldn’t it? Slower yes but…

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  2. It’s a 2+ hour drive, or a 30 min flight. From Phoenix, it’s driveable. At the tail end of a day that began in Philadelphia at 0230, involved TSA, airports, and crossing a few time zones….30 minutes in the air is very attractive.

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