Sunday morning sunrise hike at Pima Canyon in Phoenix

Sunrise at Pima Canyon, South Mountain Preserve, Phoenix

Kathryn has been petsitting for the past ten days or so at a home in another part of Phoenix, about a thirty-mile drive south from our own home in Phoenix. Last night we spent the night there together and woke up in time for a sunrise hike at nearby Pima Canyon, an area in the South Mountain Preserve. It was a relatively easy yet enjoyable hike. We started at first twilight at the Pima Canyon Trailhead and walked up the Dirt Road Trail until it ended. There was little elevation change, only 150 feet according to the city parks website. Kathryn lived in this part of the city years ago and was somewhat familiar with the trail, and she had also hiked it a few times recently, but it was all brand new to me. Watching the sunrise directly in front of us on our way back down the trail was a special treat for both of us.

Map to the trailhead:

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