Hua-what? Spotting a Huawei boutique in a posh area of Mexico City

About a year ago, I bought a rather low-end Huawei Honor 6X smartphone to replace my ageing and quickly dying LG Google Nexus 5. Common reactions to my purchase were “what?” or “Hua-what?”

A few months later, I traveled to Latin America with my new phone and discovered Huawei is actually rather popular outside the United States. Apparently, it’s the third most common make of smartphones in the world, behind Apple and Samsung. It just doesn’t have a significant U.S. market.

Huawei boutique, Mexico City

Today, while walking through one of the more affluent neighborhoods in Mexico City, I was surprised to see a Huawei boutique. The glass storefront was clearly modeled after the Apple Store.

Naturally, I snapped a photo of this Huawei with my Huawei.

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