WordPress migration to Amazon EC2 complete

During the day Saturday, I spent a few more hours off-and-on continuing the migration of this self-hosted WordPress blog to Amazon EC2. By dinner time, I was able to throw the switch, so to speak, reassociating the af7kq.com domain name with its new name servers. Because of the way name servers cache lookups, it would be several more hours before the change propagated across the internet, but by Sunday morning the new host appeared to be picking up all requests.

Migrating the blog from my previous hosting provider to an Amazon EC2 instance was considerably less painful than anticipated. The how-to guide I mentioned last week was geared to someone setting up a new WordPress site from scratch, as opposed to migrating from another host. It also didn’t cover DNS, SSL, or mail configuration. Still, I was able to find everything I needed through some carefully worded web searches. I hope to get a chance to write up the details soon.

From the WordPress side, the wholesale configuration issues I anticipated failed to materialize. I have written a couple of my own custom plugins and use a custom child theme, but they all functioned normally on the new host. The only plugin that gave me a bit of trouble was the excellent WP Super Cache plugin, and only then because I had hard-coded the file system path, which was easily fixed.

So far I’m pleased with the results. I haven’t done any genuine speed tests, but anecdotally the Amazon EC2 cloud server appears to be significantly faster than my old VPS. Also, some features that had never worked before, like preloading the blog’s cache, suddenly started working for the first time.

In retrospect, I should have done this migration years ago.

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