Enjoying a quiet weekend of camping at Roosevelt Lake

Kathryn and I left this morning for a four-day weekend of camping at Roosevelt Lake, about a two-hour drive from Phoenix. After getting a relatively late start — 8:45 am being relatively late for us — and then making a stop for a second breakfast in a small town about ten miles from the lake, we arrived at our campsite just before noon.

Roosevelt Lake, Cholla Campground
A view of Roosevelt Lake from our campground.

Honestly, we’re not expecting to do much this weekend. I’ve cracked open my second beer, and Kathryn is deeply engrossed in a novel. We’re enjoying the shade and a gentle breeze in short sleeves. A neighboring camper is playing music just loud enough for us to enjoy but not loud enough as to be annoying.

Last time we were here, I got no service at all on my phone, and Kathryn got a couple bars of 2G service. This time we’re both getting at least two bars of 4G service, which is how I was able to upload a photo. Whether that constitutes an improvement depends on your perspective. Sometimes disconnecting is the whole point of getting away.

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