A perfect weekend with no television, camping in Cottonwood

Kathryn and I have been in Cottonwood, Arizona, since Friday afternoon, enjoying a rare three-day weekend of camping at Dead Horse Ranch State Park. It has been gorgeous weather for tent camping, with crystal-clear blue skies, an occasional light breeze, and high temperatures in the 70s. Yesterday morning we did a five-mile hike in the adjacent Coconino National Forest, heading in the direction of Sedona.

Coconino National Forest, Lower Raptor Trail, no television

We then maintained our tradition of enjoying a meal at Pizzeria Bocce, although this time it was a three-course lunch rather than a dinner. In the late afternoon we stopped for a couple happy-hour drinks at a chapter of a fraternal organization to which Kathryn belongs. This morning we attended a traditional Latin Mass at a dilapidated old mission church, where we heard a remarkable sermon that, sadly, less than two dozen others heard.

Other than that, it’s been an enjoyable weekend of quietly sitting by the campfire, reading, taking short strolls around the park, and, most importantly, not watching television.

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