Last meal in Argentina

After the all-afternoon struggle to buy ferry tickets in Uruguay a few days ago, we decided to show up at the terminal in Buenos Aires two hours before the 12:30 pm sailing, without a reservation, and hope for the best. Good call on our part. Fifteen minutes later we had our boarding passes and had already passed through the immigration checkpoint.

While we’re waiting to board, we’re enjoying our last meal in Argentina — a stale croissant and a café con leche. At least the coffee is good. Conveniently, the late-morning snack used up nearly all our remaining Argentinian pesos.

2 thoughts on “Last meal in Argentina”

  1. my guess is the stalest croissant in Argentina is still better than the freshed coissant in Starbucks. But that is just a guess. Thanks for sharing the amazing pictures and the story of your adventures! I am very jealous as I slave away on this side of the keyboard!


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