Old City Hall, an architectural landmark in Richmond, Virginia

I’ve reduced my social media footprint considerably over the past several years, but I do occasionally post photos on Instagram. It makes my wife happy, for some reason.

Most photos I post on Instagram have already been published here on this blog, but once in a while I find an exception. For example, this morning I posted this photo of Old City Hall in Richmond, Virginia.

Old City Hall, Richmond, Virginia

Old City Hall, built in postbellum Richmond in a Gothic Revival style, is a historic landmark on several important lists, like National Historic Landmarks. It’s a few steps from the Virginia State Capitol, a landmark with its own rich history.

Sadly, the current Richmond City Hall, a skyscraper a few blocks away, is far less charming.

2 thoughts on “Old City Hall, an architectural landmark in Richmond, Virginia”

    1. To be honest, I’m not sure. Once upon a time, it was the city hall. Now I believe it’s used for storage and a few city offices, so it may not be open to the public. On the other hand, the current City Hall is a skyscraper with a top-floor observation deck, and it does welcome visitors.


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