What’s wrong with this photo?

I took this photo in our hotel room in Las Vegas because it immediately made me think of my father. He worked for roughly twenty years in the maintenance department of an upscale Scottsdale resort. Does anyone want to guess what’s wrong with this photo?

(Dad, if you read this, you’re allowed to comment too.)

6 thoughts on “What’s wrong with this photo?”

  1. I am not Dad, but I think I know what you are thinking. All the slots in the screws should be aiming up and down to keep the dust from accumulating in them. Am I right or did I miss an incorrect spelling on the panel?


    1. You got it. This one was almost too easy for you. All the screws on the wall plates at your place are aligned up and down, so it must stick out like a sore thumb when you see ones that aren’t.


      1. You are right. Dad spots them right away. He often carries a small screwdriver when we travel and straightens the screws in the hotels.


  2. I spent way too long trying to figure this out today. I was not aware that screws had to be aligned vertically. I was trying to figure out if the GFCI was not supposed to be connected to a switch or if the GFCI didn’t have any plus for some weird reason. Alas, I am not a smart man. (Forrest Gump Voice)


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