France’s most courteous McDonald’s order-taker

Kathryn and I visited a McDonald’s today for the first time this trip. The store was near an autoroute just outside of Reims, France. Our order-taker was willing to pose for a photo.

Our courteous McDonald's order-taker

She spoke nine languages, repeated our order correctly the first time, charged us the right amount, and gave us a receipt without being asked.

I don’t know this for a fact, but I assume she’s willing to work more than 40 hours a week without overtime pay and has never demanded a “living” wage.

6 thoughts on “France’s most courteous McDonald’s order-taker”

  1. This is where the $15/hr crowd is going to meet resistance. Average ROI on a unit like this is typically just short of one year at today’s wages. That ROI would be less than 6 months if the $15/hr crowd forces the agenda. $8/hr and the opportunity to work towards a bettter future is better than no $ per hour because a kiosk replaced your job.


  2. They had one of these automated machines in place at one of the McDonald’s we visited on our trip, but it wasn’t operational yet. It probably would have saved the confusion over me receiving 3 orders of hotcakes instead of three hotcakes. I wasn’t quite that hungry.


      1. I was in the store in Wickenburg last weekend, and there were no kiosks there, so it must have been Ely. It seems unlikely labor cost would be the reason for kiosks in the middle of nowhere Nevada, but then again McDonald’s is known to experiment with its various new concepts in all sorts of test markets before it rolls them out on a large scale. I remember being a teenager working at a small-town McDonald’s that had McChicken sandwiches years before they offered them nationwide.


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