Another Vegas road trip

Yep, it’s another one of those weekends where Kathryn and I are taking a road trip to Las Vegas. As usual, I’ll post frequent updates from the road so our family and friends will know we didn’t disappear into a hole in the middle of the desert.

We have reservations at Paris Las Vegas. This may seem surprising, since I typically avoid Strip hotels, especially those that are part of the Caesars Entertainment group. However, Kathryn had an existing reservation to have a girls’ weekend with a good friend, and when the friend had to cancel, I agreed to be her plus-one. Ultimately neither of us felt like changing the reservation.

Also, we’re rolling in the Honda this time. We usually take the BMW, but we’ve been having some issues with the air conditioning recently, and I don’t feel like spending the first hour of the drive sweating. We’ve taken the Honda once or twice in the past, and I have the utmost confidence.

1 thought on “Another Vegas road trip”

  1. We arrived home from Tucson about an hour ago. There was a big thunderstorm last night both there and in the Phoenix area so we headed home early to check for damage. Everything was messy, but undamaged. I hope the weather co-operated with your drive to Las Vegas. Have a great time!


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