Each new day surpasses the last in Kruger National Park

This is our third day in Kruger National Park, and somehow each new day surpasses the last.

Roadside, Kruger National Park

Today we traveled from Satara to a camp further south, about a seven-hour drive including breaks and wildlife stops. The weather was considerably cooler than the last three days, and with overcast skies we could mostly forego the air conditioning in favor of open windows. This allowed us to enjoy not only the sights but also the sounds and smells of the Kruger.

Along the way we spotted all the usual suspects like impalas and waterbucks, baboons and kudus. We saw buffalo and elephants in greater number and closer to us than the previous days. We also found four lions relaxing on the rocks alongside a river.

The most exciting sightings, though, were both of leopards. Both were in trees, but the second was feeding on fresh kill, a small impala. Yesterday we could drive for an hour without seeing another car, but the leopard with his prey created a traffic jam. The leopard didn’t seem to mind.

If you’re keeping score, we’ve seen four leopards in three days, and for the third consecutive day we’ve seen four of the “big five” game animals. The rhinoceros continues to elude us.

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