Breakfast in Dullstroom

Shortly after 6 this morning we began our road trip from Johannesburg to Kruger National Park. The scenery has varied from urban squatter camps to coal mines to corn fields to ranches.

We stopped for a lovely breakfast in a charming village called Dullstroom, which is a destination for fly fishermen. Three of us had smoked trout on poached eggs and homemade toast.


Kathryn was the odd one out. She had blueberry pancakes and crispy bacon. It looked tasty, but I never got a bite.

Across the street we also stopped in a butcher shop for some biltong, which we’re now enjoying in the car. For those of you from my old neighborhood, imagine thinly sliced, rare roast beef from the Beef Corral, but lightly cured and dried. It’s great road trip food.

1 thought on “Breakfast in Dullstroom”

  1. I would have sided with Kathryn, but Dad would have liked the smoked trout and poached eggs. The biltong sounds good! Enjoy the Park.


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