The coast of Greenland from 38,000 feet

On our flight from Philadelphia to Paris, we departed in darkness and arrived in heavy snow, so we didn’t see much other than the lights on the wingtips. On the way home, though, we had clear skies and bright sun almost the whole way. The pilot called our attention to the coast of Greenland as we passed over at 38,000 feet. Kathryn, who had the window seat, grabbed the camera and took this photo.

The coast of Greenland from 38,000 feet
Kathryn had the window seat and took this photo as we flew just off the coast of Greenland.

Views like this remind us just how screwed we’d be if an airplane lost both engines out here over the North Atlantic.

13 thoughts on “The coast of Greenland from 38,000 feet”

  1. Nice photos! It looks much different at ground level! We went to Greenland a few years ago during the summer and the midge flies were terrible!


    1. Greenland isn’t on my must-see list. I briefly considered doing a day trip from Iceland many years ago, but in the end I chose to spend the day seeing geysers and waterfalls instead. So this is the best view I’ve had of Greenland from an aircraft flying overhead.


  2. I’m glad someone else thinks flying over Greenland is cool. My wife rolled her eyes at me when I was snapping photos out the airplane window when we flew from Minneapolis to Iceland.


    1. I can’t tell whether you’re a spambot or just someone who’s new to the English language. In case it’s the former, I’ve removed your link. In case it’s the latter, I’ve approved your comment out of the moderation queue.


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