Odd start to the day in Las Vegas

Our room has a view of the mountains to the west of Las Vegas. We arrived after dark last night, so we couldn’t see them then. When we woke up this morning, we still couldn’t see them. There had been some rain overnight, and the mountains were obscured by clouds. The ground was wet, and the wind was howling. It suddenly seemed like not such a great day to go hiking. So we ditched the plan and decided to see a morning movie instead.

We had a short time between breakfast and the movie, so Kathryn threw some money in her favorite Kitty Glitter slot machine. She got herself a Coors from the cocktail waitress and pounded it. She’s a bit of a lightweight, so I’ve been treated this morning to charming thoughts like, “You can go play gambles.”

Our movie was supposed to start at 10:25. Instead of a movie, we saw a Windows error message for almost 25 minutes. The employees at the cinema didn’t seem to have any adult supervision, but we did manage to find a pimple-faced teenager who was empowered to give us a refund. His explanation of what was going on in the projection booth was highly suspect at best.

Right now, I’m waiting for Kathryn to get a cut-and-style in the hotel beauty salon. Apparently the thing to do when there are gale-force winds outside is to get your hair styled. I didn’t know that. They’ve already talked Kathryn into tacking on some sort of conditioning treatment. I don’t get screwed this hard at the craps table.

It’s not even 11:30 yet.

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