Feeling pretty stupid about my camera

Back in July, I wrote about how my camera stopped working while I was traveling. Today, I went through my closet and dug out the documentation that came with the camera, in order to figure out how and where I could get it repaired. On the very first page of the owner’s manual, I found the following notice, in big, bold type:

Because the performance of alkaline batteries with digital cameras is low, the use of Ni-MH batteries is recommended.

I normally use Ni-MH batteries with the camera at home, but I didn’t bring any with me, thinking it would be easier to work with disposable batteries on my long journey than to carry a charger. I’d used alkaline batteries before, and I’d never had a problem.

Anyway, I juiced up some Ni-MH batteries this afternoon and put them in the camera, and sure enough, it’s working fine. Needless to say, I’m felling pretty stupid right now. I had tried a couple different sets of batteries, but it never occurred to me that the type of battery could be the problem. Next time, I guess I’ll bring a dual-voltage travel charger. I’ll take more pictures and save the environment, too.

The good news is that I found about 70 more pictures on my storage card, all from Iceland, all taken before my camera “broke”. I’ll get the best ones online soon. Some of them were really quite good.

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