Warsaw, Poland: Local currency, done with camping

I don’t like walking around a city without local currency, but my minor debit card crisis was resolved quite easily last night. I just took some dollars from my backup and exchanged them at a bureau, old school. Now I remember why I bring backup cash when I travel.

I decided to spend one more night here in Warsaw. It’s a beautiful city. Mostly I’ve just been walking around, particularly through the city’s lovely parks. I had a beer and an ice cream in the old city center. Not at the same time.

WarsawI’m tempted to throw out my tent, to lighten my load by several pounds. It only cost about $70, and I’ve already spent six nights in it in very expensive cities, so I got my money’s worth. From what I’ve read, my camping options as I travel further east and south will be very rustic, while rooms will be very cheap.

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