Amsterdam: Arrival and camping

Just a quick update. I’m in Amsterdam, and I’m camping once again. I arrived Saturday night very late, so I had to spend one night in a hotel, but I’ll spend three nights at the campground. The campground is just three bus stops from the central train station, so it’s in a really great location.


My tent was a little damp when I put it away in Iceland, so it was nice to air it out, although it has been rained on again since. I walked around the city yesterday to get the lay of the land, and I’m heading back in shortly.

3 thoughts on “Amsterdam: Arrival and camping”

  1. Hey Curt!
    Glad To Hear Your trip is going well! Grab a cappio at the bulldog, or thy the blues brothers cafe (personal favorite) if you get a chance navigate you way down to Hanky Pankys Tatoo parlor (if not for the ink just to check out the scene) really cool place. Have a heinekien for me and stay away from sailor bill’s. Take care and stay safe!



    1. I was worried a campground would be noisy, but this one wasn’t. The most noise I heard was in the campground bar during the World Cup final match that featured the headbutt heard around the world.


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