Feedback from a correspondent about Odyssea in Montpellier

Many of you know I lived in Montpellier, France, for about a year. I loved being there, and I had a great experience studying there. From time to time, I’m asked to provide a reference to prospective students of the school where I studied, and I’m always happy to do so. Last summer, a young woman called me out of the blue, and we spent a half-hour or so on the phone talking about Montpellier.

Last week I got a really nice message from her:

hi! sorry i never wrote you back. odyssea was awesome- thanks for the recommendation! i did tell thierry that you said hello, and he remembered you.

so, yeah. i ended up staying for 5 weeks- one week shy of the end of the beginner class. its amazing how quickly they can teach you to speak! i stayed with a family in walking distance of the school, and just all around had an exceptional experience.

hope you’re well!

It was really nice to get the feedback. I enjoy spreading the love!

By the way, Thierry was my French instructor for about thirteen weeks when I lived in Montpellier, and for another two weeks when I went back for a refresher course a year later. We became friends, but he doesn’t use e-mail, so I don’t hear from him very often. Odyssea was the name of the school where I studied.

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